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Could This Be What's Standing Between You And Inner Peace

Grab This Crazy One Time Special

Learn How To Find Peace, Stay Uplifted & Develop Intimacy With God

Peace of mind is NOT a nice-to-have but essential as you make your way through life. Discover powerful biblical principles, uplifting Scriptures, reflective coaching exercises to find peace, stay uplifted and develop intimacy with God with this two-book bundle. Cost Just £19 + FREE UK Shipping.


Experience Peace Even In Troubling Times

Life is full of ups and downs. We face challenges, setbacks, disappointments, relationship breakdowns, health issues and so much more. Learn how to get through tough times.




  • 5 Star Reviews

  • Healing A Discouraged Heart

    Learn Powerful Secrets To Stop Feeling 'Blue' After Disappointments, Setbacks Or Waiting For Answered Prayers

    An easy-to-read book for dealing with discouragement, disappointment and moments you find yourself asking, "why me?".

    • Discover Practical Insights To Help You Deal With Discouragement And Stay Uplifted

    • Learn Powerful Biblical Strategies To Help You Overcome Discouragement And Become Strengthened

    • Read Uplifting Exercises, Stories And Quotes To Offer New Perspectives, Real Hope And An Uplifted Heart. Use The Empowering Reflective Exercises To Get You Unstuck And Move You Forward.

    RRP £13.99 + Shipping

  • 5 Star Reviews

  • One Minute Tonic For The Heart - 365 Daily Devotionals

    Give Your Heart And Mind A 1-Minute Daily Workout

    Meet the worlds shortest devotional ever! Develop intimacy with God in 60 seconds or less with this inspiring 365-day devotional. Give your mind and heart a one-minute workout every day. 

    • Develop intimacy and mindfulness with God

    • Bite-sized devotions to keep you uplifted

    • Quick read, easy to digest! 

    RRP £13.99 + Shipping


    An exceptional read. Powerfully presented with relatable, real-life scenarios. Found insightful and inspiring. Will challenge your thinking, deepen your analysis and enable you to question your emotions, behaviours and perceptions when faced with critical life events. It speaks to seasons of life, recognises human pain and offers the encouragement that one needs to restore hurting hearts and refocus the mind on God. A true remedy for the soul."

    Sharon Platt-McDonald

    "Whatever you life drama, this book has tools to combat the gremlins of discouragement. It powerfully paints a picture of what a discouragement heart looks like and focuses the readers mind on who God is rather than getting stuck in the realm of despair. Full of strategies to develop an encouraged heart as well as dealing with trust /fear issues. Written in simple conversational style, it offers solutions to emotional wellness. Many would be able to personally identify with some of the scenarios covered in the book."

    Genestacia Bull


    It's A Heart Thing Prayer Journal

    It's A Heart Thing Prayer & Gratitude Journal

    This is the perfect compliment to the Finding Peace Bundle. Use the month, week and day sections to capture your prayers, meaningful scriptures or scriptures you are standing on. Capture miracles, testimonies, answered prayers, and more in the gratitude pages to help you develop a heart of gratitude and thanks. Set yourself goals for your spiritual development. Pray about them. Plan out your month with prayer points and what you want God to do for you. This flexible journal can be used in so many ways...to suit YOU.


    I found myself discouraged due to personal circumstances and ministry burnout. This book is a word in season for Christians who find themselves discouraged. I can't thank Gladys enough as she has clearly and profoundly explained discouragement from the perspective of someone with first-hand experience.

    Amazon Customer

    Great book! It explains exactly how you feel when life gets hard, and it is both reassuring to know you are not alone in feeling like that. I learnt the best & only way of dealing with it is to turn to God. I am thankful too that it said that turning to God is hard at times too. The book gives gentle guidance and encouragement. Gladys Famoriyo is a very insightful writer! A book I am happy to recommend!


    What a Fabulous, Thrilling and Engaging book. It transports you from bondage to liberty in practical stages. You will find your way out of the prison of discouragement after reading this book!

    Elman Venson

    About Author - Grace Gladys Famoriyo

    I am an inspirational writer, transformational coach and international speaker with over 25 years transforming people, especially women, through books, speaking, coaching and training. I am the author of seven books...and counting. These two books were a delight to write, pulling heavily from my personal experiences of loss, grief, discouragement, setbacks, disappointment and more. They were lessons I learnt along the way. I hope they help you as they helped me. STAY UPLIFTED!